Dermalogica Facials

Deep Cleansing Facial
Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steaming, Extraction and a Face Mask
AED. 165.00
Multivitamin Power Treatment
Advance vitamin repair to regenerate skin elasticity and cell renewal
AED. 275.00

Dermalogica Skin Treatments:

Dermalogica’s skin treatments are 100% customised to your skin needs. Our skin treatments are fully inclusive to deliver your skin’s best health. It involves a combination of: professional double cleaning, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, massage, mask, toner and skin protection

Chroma Bright Treatment
Brightens and evens skin tone
AED. 350.00
Agesmart Treatment
Slows the ageing of skin
AED. 350.00
Environmental Control Treatment
Calms sensitive skin
AED. 300.00
Medibac Clearing Treatment
Combats adult acne
AED. 300.00
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Calms Sensitive Skin
AED. 300.00


Basic Facial (Bio Products)
Includes cleansing, steaming, massage and mask to re-energise skin
AED. 90.00
Back Therapy Treatments (40 Mins)
The back, shoulders & upper arms are deep cleansed and polished to a silken smoothness. Tight Muscles are relaxed with a massage, finished with a mud pack or a cooling pack
AED. 95.00

Dermalogica add-ons

Enjoy these extra choices of touch therapies along with any Dermalogica facial, providing extra attention on areas that require it most
Back Massage / Foot Massage / Hand Massage / Dry Scalp Massage (15 mins)
With skin treatment
AED. 40.00
MicroZone blackhead relief (20 mins)
Clears current breakouts and prevents future breakouts
AED. 65.00
MicroZone eye rescue (20 mins)
Produces brighter, firmer eyes while soothing irritation and revatilising tired eyes
AED. 65.00
MicroZone rapid spot clearing (20 mins)
Skin recovery from inflamed lesions while drying and clearing breakouts
AED. 65.00